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Macintosh Electric Corp Helps NY Go Green​!

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New York, NY, July 03, 2014 -- Macintosh Electric Corp is dedicated to Going Green, and is requesting the help of New Yorkers in Westchester, and the 5 Boroughs of NYC to take part in a collective effort to drive the movement in Going Green! The US government has done their part by eliminating the production of the standard screw in Edison/Incandescent light bulbs. Energy saving light bulbs throughout your home both in and outdoor will save you money, and are relatively inexpensive. It is a regulatory movement that forces all manufactures to produce the screw in energy saving light bulb in place of the traditional one.

​The company educates their customers on various ways to save energy, and encourages researching resource management, and recycling. They have implemented new measures in educating their customers in Westchester County and New York City. Management at Macintosh Electric recommends that individuals and businesses nationwide visit, and apply for tax credits when upgrading to energy saving appliances, systems, and units.

Contact Macintosh Electric, which has offices in New York City, and Westchester County for their input, suggestions and going green. Please visit the Go Green section of their website at, for information on new energy efficient light bulbs.

Macintosh Electric Corp. has been Licensed and Insured since 1994, and proudly serves the 5 Boroughs of New York City (Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island), and Westchester County, New York.