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Macintosh Electric corp Explains "The Prince of Trade" Motto​​

New York, NY, August 16, 2014 -- From mason tenders to electricians, and carpenter to plumbers, America bases its trade value on income and satisfaction. These tradesmen are the backbone of our American society, and for good reason, but who is truly the “Prince of Trade”?

Within the construction industry, which comprises all tradesmen mentioned above, electricians are considered “The Prince of Trades,” due to the lack of dirt produced from their work. Macintosh Electric Corp of Yonkers, Southern Westchester, New York City made this claim on their website and for good reason. According to indeed.com, an electrician starting as an apprentice in New York City could earn up to $60,000 a year, as compared to plumbers at $33,000, and painters at $42,000 (2014). Aside from the variance in income, the work of an electrician is generally clean, and highly respectable, as a result of the danger imposed from their day-to-day responsibilities, versus painters, plumbers, masons and roofers. In this debate, electricians are truly “The Prince of Trade”.

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