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Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Tips and Safety checks

** Have a Safety kit including First Aid, Batteries and Flash Lights, even a disposable cell phone
** We recommend an Exit Strategy for your home or business place that is reviewed and understood by all who inhabit that space 
** Clear the area to your fire escape and exit areas at all times
** Train your loved ones (Children) and coworkers to contact the Fire Department and 911 in case of fire, or gas leak etc.
​** Remember to teach your family, friends and coworkers proper fire safety instruction.

​​Please visit the National Fire Protection Association Website

Painted Receptacles, most paints are flammable
Cloth Wiring
o    Cloth Wiring is flammable and outdated
o    There is a high risk for deterioration of Cloth Wiring and will lead to an electrical short.  If the wiring system isn’t grounded properly than the short or surge in power will cause an electric fire

Overloading Circuits
o    You may need a service upgrade to avoid extension cords, overloading and preventing fires.
o    Improper installation of high voltage wiring and their respective boxes may lead to fires, always allow a Licensed Electrical Company to conduct these works.
Install a Generator (In case of a major storm you have an alternative option)

Tamper Resistant Outlets (This prevents children form toying with Electrical Outlets preventing electrocutions)

Emergency Lights (Commercial /Industrial Dwellings)
Exit Sign (Commercial /Industrial Dwellings)  

​GFCI, Ground Fault Circuit Indicator
​o    Should be installed in every Kitchen and Bathroom, Garage and Outdoor Dwelling (*Not limited to these areas)     
​Proper Grounding of Water Meter and Grounding Bars
o    This is immensely important and difficult for a common property owner to identify without the assistance of a Licensed Electrician

​Extension Cords
​​o    This is commonly overlooked.  Extension Cords are for temporary use only.  The prolong use is likely to initiate a fire.
​Here are some safety requirements and devices that we look for in your home, building or workplace (According to the National Electric Code Book, regulations may change based on your local municipality*).      

Smoke Detectors (We recommend Hardwired Battery Backup ran in series)
o    Do you replace your battery on daylight savings time (2x a year)?
​o    Are your Smoke Detectors installed in the correct locations? Including Sleeping and Communal areas?     

Carbon Monoxide Detectors (We recommend Digital Battery Display, either Battery/Backup, Hardwired or plug in)
o    Are your Carbon Monoxide Detectors installed near gas equipment?
o    Are the Carbon Monoxide Detectors installed within ten feet of/or in any bedroom or sleeping area?
​o    Do you have one on every floor?